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Open Camera is a camera app that, instead of trying to provide lots of filters and special effects for your pics, offers a powerful camera you can use at anytime. At first it may seem that Open Camera doesn't have many features beyond those included on the default Android camera, but the truth is that it does. For starters, Open Camera takes up a mere 600 kilobytes, compared to the more than 20 megabytes of the Google camera. In addition, Open Camera show you how much free space you have on your Android device at all times. As far as photo options are concerned, Open Camera offers virtually everything you could want in a camera: timer, zoom option, stabilizer, touch focus, photo modes, ISO, etc. Open Camera is, in short, an excellent camera app that may not boast lots of filters and other goodies, but it has a lot of other things. Such are its merits that it offers a proper alternative (without advertising, to boot) to the default Android camera.

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Open Camera: A great alternative for taking pics on Android We live in days where taking a pic or recording a video has become a flurry of pomp and fanfare and where photo-editing apps are starting to emphasize their social element in at least equal measure to their artistic one. But sometimes all we really want is to take a dang photo – without turning ourselves into a comic book character or adding butterflies to float off the top of our heads. Open Camera is a good alternative for that. With this free Android app traditional photography is its raison d'etre. Read more

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher