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If you are a fan of puzzles and you are looking for a challenge to put your logical capacity to the test then Cut It: Brain Puzzles is a fine way to show off your skills. In these puzzles you'll need to dust off your old physics knowledge and put it to good use, playing with the laws of physics in order to beat each level without having to repeat them over and over again. This adventure starts off from the basis that gravity and physics play a fundamental role in movement and it's up to you to predict how objects will react to your decisions. Thus, your goal is to collect the most stars out of each level in order to be able to beat it successfully. To do so, you'll have to drag the colored objects to them and you can only do that by cutting each elements wisely, that is, sectioning off parts that fall towards stars. Cut It: Brain Puzzles is divided into colors, each with a varying level of difficulty. All yellow levels, for example, are the simplest puzzles and even if your technique is perfect, you have to complete all of them before you move on to the next level. This game also has a super difficult mode where you have to think down to the individual millimeter on how to make clips and where.