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Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the sequel to Cut the Rope, a game in which you guided the friendly Om Nom through a series of levels where the sole purpose was to shovel as many candies into his mouth as possible. The gameplay in this new version is virtually identical to the original, and your mission is still to get the three candies that appear in each level into Om Nom's mouth. However, this time, thanks to the introduction of time travel, the task becomes a more complicated and the puzzles even more fun. In addition to the new puzzles, which now involve a series of new elements such as helices, chains, bombs and portals; Cut the Rope: Time Travel also allows players to visit six new, fun historical periods: the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the pirates era, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Stone Age. Each period, of course, has its own unique characteristics. Graphically, Cut the Rope: Time Travel maintains the same high level as its predecessor. In fact, some of the animations are even more caringly realized, resulting in visuals that are just as sweet as the candy Om Nom is gobbling up. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a fun and original puzzle game that has been perfectly optimized for touch screen terminals. Moreover, this Android version is completely free, so there is no excuse for not adding it to your collection.