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Cut the Rope 2 is the first direct sequel in the Cut the Rope franchise, which had a couple of different continuations (Experiments and Time Travel) of the original game that were almost identical to the original. However, the second game offers a big change compared to the previous games. Though it keeps the main mechanics, where you have to cut ropes in order to make candies travel into the mouth of Om Nom, the delightful lizard, it also has a much broader gaming experience. What really stands out in Cut the Rope 2 is that you will have a map of the levels that is very similar to the maps in the Candy Crush Saga, where you can choose which level you want to visit and, above all, which challenge you want to face on each level. You will now have three different challenges on every Cut the Rope 2 level. The first one will usually involve getting three stars as you bring candy to Om Nom, while the others will change a lot. Adopting a growing trend in social games, players of Cut the Rope 2 can get some help passing levels. This comes in the form of balloons or bombs, which you can get by paying real money for them or by acquiring them inside the game. Visually speaking, Cut the Rope 2 has some outstanding graphics. Both the design and the animations are great, and they are in fact even better than the previous games in the saga. Cut the Rope 2 is an excellent puzzle game with a social component. It offers more than 200 different levels with 3 challenges in each level. That is to say, there are no less than 600 challenges waiting to be solved.

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Requires Android 2.2 or later.