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Lost Island: Blast Adventure

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'Lost Island: Blast Adventure' is an amazing puzzle game where you will control a character that has just bought an island full of undiscovered treasures. Upon your arrival to the island, Ellie will greet you, an archaeologist that will help you to get settled and find the treasures, of various civilizations, that your new island hosts. At the beginning, you will need to fix up your house: you need to fix the swimming pool, fill the garden with plants, decorate the house etc. Once you are settled-in on the island, you'll be able to start checking-out the area and discovering all that is hidden. To achieve all of this, you will have to resolve some puzzles. The gaming mechanics of the puzzles are very similar to those of the 'match-3' type games, except that on this occasion it is sufficient just to put two pieces of the same type together in order to eliminate them. The more pieces that you eliminate in one go, the higher your score will be. Each completed puzzle will become a new decoration for the house. 'Lost Island: Blast Adventure' merges the best of puzzle games with the best of decoration games. What's more, its narrative is very entertaining and it has beautiful aesthetics.

Requires Android 4.4 and later verions