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Love Poly - New Puzzle Game is a very fun -and unique- puzzle game in that will test your logic and spatial skills. But these aren’t solved like most puzzles, this time you’ll have to move the pieces until you find the exact position in which they form a hidden figure! This game has dozens of colorful levels that become more and more complex as you advance through them. To find the solution to each puzzle, just swipe your finger in any direction to move all the pieces on the board until they form the hidden shape. And there’s no time limit, so try your luck and swipe in any direction you until you finally solve the puzzle. But the best part of these puzzles is that they were created for all ages, and even little kids will be able to play and solve the levels by themselves. Wrack your brain and try to find the hidden shapes in seemingly random pieces in the perplexing puzzle game Love Poly- New Puzzle Game.