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No.Color - Color by Number is a game similar to Pixel Art - Color by Number Book, that offers a unique -and addictive- way to color dozens of designs and drawings. Open No.Color - Color by Number and the first thing you’ll have to do is choose a design. Of course, they’re all black and white, it’ll be up to you to color all the pixels by number after you choose one. Coloring each picture only takes a few minutes, with very colorful results! And if you don’t want to keep tapping each pixel repeatedly, you have the option to long tap and color pixels automatically. No.Color - Color by Number has loads of pictures to choose from, with everything from animated animals to food, from landscapes to portraits. But it’s the last category that hides one of the app’s most attractive features. When coloring portraits, you can uploads your own photos and the app will adapt it to the app’s pixelated format so you can color it! Test your patience and precision in a fun way with the app No.Color - Color by Number. Color each design to create colorful works of art and share them with family and friends!

Android 4.3 or higher required