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Palabras Cruz is a fun intelligence game where you've got to create as many works as you can manage with just a few letters. To that end you've got to fill in the blanks on the board to add points that will help you keep digging into the Spanish language dictionary. The gameplay is very simple as you just have to swipe your finger from one letter to the next to form the word you deem correct. If the word you've selected is written properly, there are two options: either it goes into the proper space, or it'll go straight into the extras box, which is the one for compositions that exist in the game, but that are not found in the current level. Thus you'll have to try thousands of combinations to beat all the stages that Palabras Cruz is composed of. This fun adventure has more than 1,000 challenges where you can put your vocab knowledge to the test. Every time you finish a board you get experience points that accumulate so you can open chests. Each chest then gives you coins that let you get a clue if you end up with no ideas.