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Where's My Avocado? Draw lines

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Where's My Avocado? Draw lines is a super fun skill and logic based game that challenges you to help half an avocado find its lost pit. If you like puzzles and you’re looking for new challenges, this adventure will seriously test you because it gives you very little wiggle room to perform the rescue. In each level of the game you’ll find the pit on a certain part of the map. Your mission is to re-unite it with the avocado as best as you can by drawing a line in a specific shape. The advantage and disadvantage of Where's My Avocado? Draw lines is that you’ll be in charge of drawing so think about the line you are going to trace carefully or you’ll have to start from the beginning. Each line that you draw will have some sort of repercussion in the game because you can give them a higher or lower slope and the wrong angle (like making it too short or not calculating the distance or speed correctly)...try to draw a line that’ll help you solve the problem and try your luck again by changing your sketch according to physics. On the other hand, this fun adventure doesn’t just challenge you to re-unite the avocado and its pit, you’ll also have to do it with the best scores. To do so, you’ll have to collect the highest amount of stars possible and you’ll find them scattered all over the screen; test you skills by rescuing the avocado and solve the puzzles as accurately as you can.