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Connect letters, create words, and fill in the blank spaces in a crossword puzzle in Word Link, a fun puzzle game similar to Palabras Cruz or Palabras Conectadas. Word Link is played just like the games mentioned above. Create words that fit in the empty spaces simply by sliding your finger across the screen and connecting the letters in the correct order. If you find words that don't fit in the crossword, they'll be counted as extras. Create enough extra words to earn bonuses! If you get stuck on an especially hard level, you can buy a clue in exchange for 60 diamonds, which can be earned by completing the levels or simply playing the game. Unlike other similar games, Word Link has two extra game modes. Hit a mole with the wrong word in the first one, or try to earn diamonds by hitting a nail with the correct word in the second. Word Link keeps the same classic, popular gameplay of similar titles, but the two extra options add some fun and variety. Give it a try and find all the words!

Android 4.1, 4.1.1 or higher required