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Drift through every twist and turn in the road in the 3D driving game CarX Drift Racing. Drifting is a key component in this game, and in some levels, your mission is to drift as far as possible to win points! That being said, in other levels your goal is to simply reach the finish line as fast as possible. This game has three different control options you can choose from: using your device’s accelerometer, a virtual steering wheel, or buttons. But no matter which mode you choose, you’ll have to balance speed, using the brake, and your vehicle’s direction to be able to drift! Strike the right balance between those three components to drift as far as possible and win loads of points. Not only that, but CarX Drift Racing is just packed with content. There are dozens of different circuits, including airports, closed racetracks, and cities, as well as over 20 different cars to choose from. And you can even modify and customize each car! CarX Drift Racing is an excellent racing game, that offers a precise control system, great graphics, and enough content to keep you behind the wheel for hours.

Android 4.1 or higher required