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Clean Road is a driving game where you control a snowplow (or whatever-plow) with the aim of digging out all the cars that have gotten stuck in their garages after a big snowfall. In Clean Road you have three clear missions: to free, destroy, and win. The first, to free, consists of using your snowplow to clear a path for the cars snowed in at their houses. To do it, just pass your plow in front of them and whatever is in their way will be removed. The second mission, to destroy, refers to the fact that, despite your work consisting of freeing up cars, you also have to plow down as many urban fixtures as you can manage: post boxes, snowmen, anything created by man should be destroyed. Finally: to win. This refers to how, every day, there's a set amount of money you've got to raise. For every car you free you get a small amount of funds. The idea is to achieve your mission and get your reward. To fulfill these three objectives, all you need are your two fingers: one on the right side of the screen to tap and make your car turn right, and the other on the left to turn left. Nonetheless, not everything is that simple in Clean Road. Besides the snow or hay blocking the house entries, there are giant veggies or icicles that fall from the sky, and your aim is to go through the areas that indicate where they will fall. Plus the cars you release end up forming a caravan in front of your, and if for some reason you end up stopped or blocked, the cars start crashing behind you (which, obviously, you should try to avoid). Clean Road is a fun and very addictive driving game with terrific graphics.

Requires Android 4.1 and later versions.