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Crazy for Speed is a racing game that challenges you to hit the gas and be the fastest one on the racing track so you can get to the finish line first. With incredible 3D visuals, you'll delve deep into thrilling races that are packed full of action. Controls in Crazy for Speed are really simple. The gas and brake pedals are located on the lower part of the screen. All you have to do is tap on them to increase or decrease your speed. At the same time, you can use the direction arrows to move your car towards the left or the right. You'll also have nitrogen tanks that'll increase your vehicle's power even more whenever you need it. Crazy for Speed gives you a bunch of information about your location such as the time you've been on the track and a graph that'll show you how far away your opponents are. All these elements only add to the thrill of surpassing every opponent in the game and unlocking new vehicles and tracks. Crazy for Speed gives you access to a bunch of different cars and settings. Either by day or night, your main objective is to have fun and try to win every race.