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Drive and Park is a driving arcade that puts you behind the wheel of a ton of different vehicles that you have to try to park in their correct parking spot. Be careful though, if you park incorrectly, the police will catch you and it'll be game over for you. The control system in Drive and Park is extremely easy. You just have to click on the screen at the right time to swerving and keep your finger on the screen until the car is parked correctly. If you let go too soon it's bad, but if you let go too late, it's also bad. As you start completing the different missions, you can unlock new cities and new vehicles. There are more than 30 different vehicles that you can drive and park. And, every time you park a vehicle correctly, you'll earn money. Drive and Park is a simple, unique and entertaining arcade that includes pretty good visuals and a ton of different vehicles and cities that you can unlock. The control system of the game is also perfectly designed for smartphones.

Android 4.1 or greater is required