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Mini Racing Adventures is a 2D racing game where players can test their skills in infinite racetracks full of obstacles, jumps, and coins. Also, you can play alone or online against other human opponents. In Mini Racing Adventures, you'll find five different game modes: solo racing, offline multiplayer against the AI, racing against your 'ghost,' racing against a random online opponent, and racing against a friend (also online). The gameplay is really simple: on the left of the screen, you have a button for the brake, and on the right the gas pedal. With these two buttons you have to get as far as possible, making jumps, avoiding tires, and above all making sure not to roll your vehicle. Another good thing about Mini Racing Adventures is the number of vehicles you'll find in the game. In fact, not only do you have access to a handful of different cars to try, you also have options to apply different mods and improvements: to the engine, the wheels, the suspension, etc. Mini Racing Adventures is a simple but fun racing game with good graphics and a perfect control system for touchscreens.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher