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Moto Traffic Race is a 3D driving game where players have to try to get as far as possible. But, it's not easy. On this highway there are plenty of other vehicles, and if you're not extra careful, you'll end up rear ending more than a few of them. Before starting to play, you'll get to choose between two different control systems: one that's totally tactile, and another using your phone's accelerometer. You'll also get to choose between two different camera viewpoints, one that's closer to your driver and one that's further away. Essentially, you'll get to customize your gaming experience, adjusting it to your preferences. Whether you choose one system or another, the truth is Moto Traffic Race is a surprisingly refreshing game. This is mainly because, unlike other titles out there, its scenery changes considerably from one level to the next. You'll start out at the edge of town, but as you advance, you'll end up in the middle of the city, racing across the countryside, over bridges, tunnels, etc. This along with the different types of vehicles that are on the road allow for a ton of variety within your games. Moto Traffic Race is an excellent driving game, which as is expected (and desired), offers a lot of different motorcycles to unlock. But, the only three characters to choose from are unlocked from the beginning.

Android 3.0 or higher.