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Pixel Car Racer is a car game that boasts a very special pixel art aesthetic. The title has a garage where you can store each of your vehicles with the aim of customizing them and trying them out on each of the tracks where you race. One of the keys in Pixel Car Racer is that you can unlock cars with tons of history. Not only will you see spanking-new models but can also get vehicles that are more than 70 years old and customize them. This should be very fun, as you'll have lots of different parts and paint jobs to get the most out of every race car. But the most fun thing about Pixel Car Racer is when you get to try out the potential of every souped-up car. These are one-on-one races where you put the pedal to the metal to get to the finish line ahead of your rival. And you do it with a simple control system that's based on tapping the different buttons and pedals that appear onscreen. Plus you'll see a speedometer so you know how fast you're going. Pixel Car Racer is a classic-looking car game where you can unlock lots of vehicles and have a great time winning races. The huge amount of resources and pieces available also let you have fun while you soup up every car just how you like it.