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If you like speed and are looking for a game to take the handlebars of real competition motorcycles, Real Bike Racing is a game of skill where you zoom around all sorts of tracks and push your bike to the limit in madcap competitions. Beat your most experienced competitors and become the fastest driver on the tracks. Controlling your bike is very simple: at the bottom right of the screen are your gas and brake pedals, and to move from side to side you simply have to lean your screen as sharply as needed – the larger the angle the greater the inclination you'll need to make. In addition, at the top of the screen you can see a map of the track, the number of turns left to take, and your time. Keep an eye on these stats to improve with every round and cut down the distances with your rivals or get a better showing. In Real Bike Racing you can pick from ten very well-known bike models and put them to the test on the nine different tracks you'll find in the game. To become the fastest driver on each track you'll have to manage to take full advantage of the lanes and brake later than your opponents. Keep an eye on the other riders' positions and don't let them overtake you to beat you over the finish line. Put yourself to the test in three different game modes: quick race, championship, and RV mode. Pick your favorite and show your speed and skills on the fastest tracks. Customize your motorcycle and take it to the limit to defeat your stiffest rivals.