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Stunt Master 2018 is a game of skill where you have to ride a motocross bike and show how far you're able to go on all sorts of tracks. If you like doing stunts and flips, in this game you get to complete levels doing the most daring tricks imaginable. One of the great things about Stunt Master 2018 is that you only have to deal with four buttons, which will help you move without a problem: accelerate, brake, lean forward, or lean back. Once you've got the hang of these controls, you'll be able to deal with anything that comes your way. The levels you have to complete in Stunt Master 2018 are absolutely wild. The tracks are created using all sorts of wacky objects and as you race, you'll have to pass over platforms made of wood, metal, abandoned rail cars, and all sorts of other objects you'll have to get used to. Best of all, in this adventure, you'll find realistic physics, which will help you control your motorcycle in the air. On top of all that, if you like these types of motorcycles, you'll be able to unlock them as you advance in the game, letting you do all sorts of stunts on all different bikes. Defy gravity and complete any jump with perfect controls. Become the best motocross rider ever and give it all you've got on these challenging tracks.