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Diccionario Teológico is a very useful app for anyone who studies theology or the Bible, or if you just want to clear up some doubts related to these teachings. This tool contains everything you need to know in order to understand any phrase or idea without any complications. The tool has many functions, but the main one that's the most important is its dictionary. When accessing this option you'll find a box containing each letter of the alphabet. Click on a letter to find the word you're looking for. Doing this will open up a comprehensive list of any theology-related word you might be looking for, sorted in alphabetical order. This means that you'll find what you need in a single click. Each of the words in Diccionario Teológico includes a complete definition so that you can have a detailed understanding of each word without missing out on any of the possible meanings or interpretations of that word in different contexts. This comprehensive dictionary will help you learn lots of terms that you didn't know before. Lastly this app includes two very interesting shortcuts that will help further your studies: the first links to the entire Bible and the second to an audio version of the Bible.