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Deck Heroes is a card and role-play game where you can create your own deck to battle enemies controlled by the computer as well as other real players online. The game system in Deck Heroes is somewhat simpler than that of similar games. In Deck Heroes, you just have to choose which cards you'll take into combat (you can only take two), and then place them wherever you think is most appropriate. Once placed, the cards will automatically attack the card in front on each turn, or, if not, then your opponent directly. You can find more than 100 different cards, each belonging to one of the four main Deck Heroes factions. Each card not only has its own health and attack values but also a special power that can be activated once per turn. Your main character will also have a special power that will activate from time to time. Deck Heroes is a fun, straightforward collectible card dueling game. It doesn't require as much strategy as other games in this genre, though, so for some players it might prove a bit too simple.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher