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Exiled Kingdoms is an old-school RPG in isometric perspective for a single player. It doesn't require an Internet connection, and it lets you create your own adventurer in the Kingdom of Varsilia. You can choose from two different classes (warrior or rogue), and use skill points as you wish. The game's story starts with your hero receiving a letter where someone tells him he has inherited a huge fortune. With this information, he embarks on an adventure that ends up being much bigger than he first thought. On your way, you have to talk with lots of different characters, fight hundreds of enemies, deactivate traps, and obviously complete missions. The world of Varsilia is alive, and almost everyone has something to say ... or something to request from you. The combat system in Exiled Kingdoms is in real time. Just press the attack button for your hero to hit the closest enemy. Likewise, just tap one of the special powers if you want to use them. You have to be really careful not to underestimate how old-school this game is, or you could end up dead. Exiled Kingdoms is an RPG that's different from what you usually find on Android. The graphics might be a little old, but it offers a great gaming experience, especially for lovers of traditional RPGs.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher