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Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight

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Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight is an action RPG where you guide a group of heroes in their exploits around the world. In Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight you have a very clear aim: to fight the forces of evil and earn points to invest in upgrading your weapons and creating an indestructible group of heroes. With your virtual stick on the left you can control the moves of your character, while with the action buttons on the right you can attack. Starting out, your hero has four moves: a basic sword attack, and three special attacks that require a load time before they can be used again. At the end of each round you'll get a score of from one to three stars, and their corresponding prize in upgrades: new weapons, more powerful attacks, and new characters to unlock. Plus Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight has a section to buy and open chests with new heroes, weapons, and armor. Sometimes you'll get these boxes for free, but you can also invest gems to buy more. Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight is an RPG that might not be very original but still offers quite a fun gaming experience. Plus its aesthetics are quite appealing.

Requires Android 4.0.3 and later versions.