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Idle Heroes is an RPG that puts you in control of a group of heroes that must face some great evil forces among ancient ruins. Test your strategy abilities and upgrade your characters' skills in order to turn your team into the most powerful one. Starting out there’s only one character you have to worry about. You'll have to assign him a list of elements that'll make him taller and stronger. As you advance in the game, you'll also start discovering other heroes to help you fight the most brutal battles. Remember, your mission is to recruit a team capable of destroying any enemy and facing rival groups that become more deadly as the game advances. Luckily there are also resources and rewards you can invest in upgrading and turning your characters into invincible heroes. Use your strategic mind to face the dangers that lie inside the ruins and advance through this magic world where the shadows have an incredibly important role. Just in case fighting off the evil forces isn't enough of a challenge for you and your group of heroes, you also have to fight against other users and their group of characters. There are more than 200 types of characters to choose from, so putting together the perfect team is not difficult. Work with each character and get to know his strengths and weaknesses in order to make your team invincible. Join an alliance and defend a specific area of the map from anyone who dares to fight against you. Overcome missions, add victories to your team, and develop an impeccable strategy within this world of shadows with Idle Heroes.