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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is an RPG starring Eddie, the legendary icon of the even more legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden. In this game, you control Eddie and other fantastical creatures as you enter different worlds inspired by the imagery created by this popular British band. The fights in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast are turn-based, as in traditional RPGs. During the battles you can choose the type of attack you want to do, keeping in mind that some are more effective than others against certain enemies. Some creatures in your group may also have defensive and healing abilities. The game's story is directly inspired by the album art and history of Iron Maiden. Thus your first mission is to kill the terrible Wickerman, and the second is set in a fantasy version of Egypt. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is a visually spectacular RPG with a very entertaining combat system. The story of the game, though not particularly original, will be fun for fans of this legendary heavy metal band.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher