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Lucky Craft is an exploration game that's clearly inspired by Minecraft and invites your imagination to run wild in order to build your very own world. To do so, you'll have a bunch of different types of blocks that you can use to build walls and destroy already existing ones. Lucky Craft gives you total freedom to explore every corner of the universe. Controls are the same ones you'd find in other similar games: all you have to do is tap on the direction arrows in order to move around. If you want to place the blocks, just choose the element on the lower side of the screen and start tapping to place it wherever you best see fit. The possibilities that Lucky Craft offers are so many, that your only limit will be your imagination. You'll even have fun creating new blocks by combining others. Lucky Craft is one of those games inspired by Minecraft that is sure to keep you entertained while you explore this cube looking world. Be careful at night though, there will be plenty of dangers lurking around.

Android 4.2 or greater is required.