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Lumia Saga is a 3D MMORPG where you can explore a colossal persistent world at your leisure. Before you start playing, as is standard for the genre, you can create your character, selecting from four different basic classes and customizing the look of them with all sorts of different haircuts and facial expressions. The control system in Lumia Saga is very simple: with the left stick you move your character, and with the buttons on the right you can do several different types of attacks. Plus by tapping the active mission button at the top left corner you can automate a lot of your character's actions. The development of Lumia Saga follows the traditional arcs of the genre. Starting out you've got to complete relatively simple missions that provide experience, weapons, and armor. As you move forward, though, this mission gets ever more difficult. Luckily the rewards are also better as you level up. During your adventures you'll come across hundreds of different enemies, who you can fight both on your own and with the help of other players. Plus you can battle against other players online, thanks to the real-time PVP mode. Lumia Saga is an excellent MMORPG that stands out particularly for its gorgeous graphics, with some delightful character designs. Special mention goes to some of the frames you can collect, like the alpacas, which are simply delightful.