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Mage and Minions is a third-person action RPG where you must face the terrible wizard Ragadam, who threatens to destroy a beautiful world of magic and fantasy with the help of his evil minions. Gameplay in Mage And Minions is very similar to other 'hack and slash' Android games: you move your character by pressing on the screen, and you can attack an enemy by tapping on him. You can also make different gestures on the screen to trigger special abilities and magic. As you level up, you can acquire new skills for your character - from automatic shots and rotating punches to fireballs and lightning - depending on the class of your character (warrior or mage). As usual in RPGs, in Mage and Minions you can kit out your character with all kinds of different weapons and armor, or even make your own equipment using whatever material you have from objects you no longer want. Mage and Minions is a fun RPG and despite its simple graphics and deceptively straightforward gameplay, it offers an outstanding experience for fans of the genre.

Requires Android 1.6 or higher