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Metal Slug Infinity is a role-playing game that challenges the most legendary characters from the SNK franchise to battle automatically. We're talking about an idle RPG that lets you customize your team with an infinite number of characters, among which you can find Marco, Fio, Eri or Tarma. Gameplay in Metal Slug Infinity takes you through short levels where your character must defeat all your enemies. Then, and only then, will you go on to the next phase and all the way to eternity. You don't actually have direct control over your heroes, but you can level them up with the coins that you earn after defeating your opponents. The more you invest, the faster you can destroy them. Every 10 levels the setting will change, and after you complete several phases you can restart your statistics and start all over again alongside a good bag of money. That's super helpful in order to redistribute the leveling up of the new characters you get. You can also increase the game's speed to make sure you don't get bored. Metal Slug Infinity is a super fun clicker that challenges you to find a huge number of characters from Metal Slug. There are characters from all the franchise's installments as well as a ton of vehicles you can face.

Android 4.2 or greater is required.