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The War of Genesis is a persistent world RPG that immerses you in the conflict between good and evil that's devastating the continent of Antaria. This spectacular steampunk MMORPG packs a story with a lot of punch. The turn-based RPG stands out for its extraordinary graphics. While the action plays out in traditional style, where you have to pick which of your characters' attacks to launch in each turn, the clashes themselves have no equal in terms of how spectacular they are. The War of Genesis also has a giant robot called Machine that you can summon to raze your enemies easily. Move ahead through the various chapters of the compelling story in The War of Genesis, or switch between this game mode and exploring the world around you. There are tons of enemies to hunt down as you boost your level and keep upgrading your characters. The War of Genesis is a tremendous roleplay game that fans of this genre simply cannot miss. It's reminiscent of sagas like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Not only do you have several game modes – you can also clash with other players in exciting PvP duels. An extraordinary cast of characters awaits you.

The War of Genesis raises the bar for Android RPGs You'll find RPGs with turn-based combat by the handful on mobile devices, but The War of Genesis is a step above the rest. This title, developed by Joycity stands out for its story, the wide assortment of charismatic characters, and technical values that make the competition pale in comparison. It's an outstanding game that raises the bar for the genre and that you can download now without any geographic restrictions from Uptodown. Read more

For Android 4.1 and higher.