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AliExpress is one of the leading online stores from the Alibaba business group where you can buy almost any item you could want right from your Android device. We're talking about millions of different items here. Unlike other online stores like Amazon, on AliExpress, all orders are filled by small sellers who use the online shop as a platform for their products. That is to say, AliExpress itself doesn't manage your purchases; everything is handled by the sellers of each product instead. One of the most interesting features of AliExpress is that you don't have to pay for shipping. Although almost all your products will ship from China (almost all sellers are in China), shipping is completely free, though it might take a while for your purchase to arrive. AliExpress is a powerful online store, thanks to which you can buy almost anything you want: soccer jerseys, coffee pods, cell phones, shoes, gadgets of all kinds, etc. The AliExpress catalog is truly huge. The only drawback: shipments usually take more than a month.

Why it's better to shop Aliexpress using their official app When talking about the king of enormous Asian online stores, Alibaba, there's no need for introductions. In the last fiscal year, the group banked over 20 billion dollars, with 85% of that coming from its commerce division, leaving the international competitor Amazon in their dust. This is why, with this upcoming November 11th being considered a sort of Black Friday, known as "Single's Day" in China, the numbers are going to go wild once again. Here we've got the inside scoop on how to buy on Aliexpress and take full advantage of the discounts that are about to be rolled out, and even get extra discounts using the official app. Read more

Get ready for Black Friday deals with these apps Black Friday has become a global institution over the past few years. This shopping holiday started in the United States but has now massively globalized. Loads of stores now take part in it, starting the day after Thanksgiving and even carrying on through the week after. We know that preparing for Black Friday can get chaotic, what with all the stores and deals available. A real mess. That's why we've picked out several Android apps to make your life simpler on Black Friday. Read more

Requires Android 2.2 or higher