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Bowling King: The Real Match is a 3D bowling game that lets you play exciting online games against other players from around the world. In Bowling King: The Real Match, you can choose from a number of different locations: a traditional bowling alley, a casino, the pyramids, and much more. What's more, you get over ten bowling balls to choose from, which you can unlock as you win games. Playing Bowling King: The Real Match is as simple as you would expect this kind of game to be: using the tip of your finger, you decide how much rotation and how much power to use when sending the ball down the lane. Whether you get a strike or not depends on how well you do it. Bowling King: The Real Match doesn't come with many different game modes, but it doesn't need them, either. The main playing mode is a multiplayer mode that lets you play a human opponent in real time, in which you can rack up points as you climb the world rankings. Bowling King: The Real Match is an amazing bowling game that lets you play against other human players whenever the mood strikes.

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Requires Android 2.3 or higher