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Captain Tsubasa - Fight Dream Team is a videogame for Android based on the well-known manganime of the same name, where you're in charge of a team made up of iconic characters like Ozora Tsubasa/Oliver Atom, Kojiro Hyuga/Mark Lenders, and many others. The game's main hallmark is that, just like what happens in most games released for consoles, it has an unhurried gameplay where you have to decide what action to take each time a rival comes at you or you're in the zone. Each action costs a certain amount of energy and each player has certain pros and cons when facing two other character profiles, as if it were a 'rock, paper, scissors' game. Through this unique gameplay, you can make all sorts of offensive and defensive plays, from dribbling toward the rival or jumping to intercept a long pass, to performing some of the players' many special shots. Captain Tsubasa - Fight Dream Team is an interesting video game both for fans of the saga, as well as anyone who's looking for a soccer game that's different from most games with real-time development.

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NotesThe game is only available in Japanese at the moment.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher