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Extreme Football is a street soccer game where two teams of three players each face each other in heart-stopping three-minute rounds. The team that can score more goals when the chronometer reaches zero will be crowned victorious. Controls in Extreme Football are perfectly adapted to touchscreens. The virtual movement stick is located to the left and the only button that can help you control the ball is located to the right. If you continue tapping on that button, your character runs even more. But, if you quickly tap on the button, you can stop the button. Also, if you tap and slide towards one direction, you'll release and shoot. You can basically do anything with that button. Rounds in Extreme Football are always 3 vs 3, but you can only control one of the players. In other words, you don't have to change characters at any moment but can tap on the button to ask one of your teammates to hand you the ball. Keeping in mind that you can score a goal from practically anywhere inside the field, any position is good. Extreme Football is a game that stands out mainly because of its excellent visuals as well as its controls that are perfectly adapted to touchscreens. You can also use a bunch of different players, each one with their own features and special skills. Some of them can do bicycle kicks, others can dodge, etc.

Android 5.0 or greater is required.