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Football Cup 2019 is a is a unique soccer game that -on top of playing matches- challenges players to meet specific goals in each level. Players might have to score goals, show off their dribbling skills, and more. Footballs Cup 2019's career mode has more than a dozen different levels to play in and hone your soccer skills. The game begins with simple workouts, such as simple passes or shots at the goal. That being said, as you beat levels you'll face more and more difficult challenges, like having to dribble the ball through hordes of opposing players trying to steal your ball. Once you've mastered all the basic moves (dribbling, shooting, passing, and stealing the ball) it's time to play games! In the games, you'll often have to face the rival team of whichever team you've chosen. For example, if you choose Real Madrid, you'll play against FC Barcelona. Overall, Football Cup 2019 is an entertaining soccer game, with loads of challenges and mini-games to play, which adds tons of variety to this already fun game. Give it a try and choose from its loads of different teams, each one with its original gear. Give it a try and lead a world-famous team to victory!

Android 4.1 or higher required