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Real Soccer 2012 brings all the fun and emotion of the king of sports to your Android device with a simulation game in which you truly have to play as a team to score goals and achieve success. With the touch screen you can pass, do a wall pass, center pass, throw in, and all kinds of dribbling moves. The latter will always depend on the player that you select, which sometimes will be much more spectacular than others. You know it’s not the same thing for Pepe to try to do the roulette move as it is for Zidane. The game has dozens of details that add quality to the mix, like questions about soccer culture while the game is loading, club and player licensing, great menu music, a smooth and clean interface. But all this in the end is nothing more than mere details that enhance the outstanding gameplay. At your disposal you will have 350 teams and 14 leagues, as well as diverse game modes such as Training, Exhibition, League, International Cup, etc. Real Soccer 2012 is one of the best soccer simulators you can find for Android. Moreover, it is completely free, so you won’t have to empty your pockets even the least bit to enjoy it.