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SkillTwins Football is a soccer game where you control Josef and Jakob, two young, and extraordinarily talented players. Your objective is to overcome a circuit full of challenges and obstacles, not to mention your rivals, and you'll need to shuffle your way around them to gain access to the penalty area. Sometimes, all you'll need to do is shoot and score, but in other cases you'll have to hit a certain target in order to win. System controls in SkillTwins Football are fairly precise. With a virtual button control to the left, you'll be able to control each players' moves, while with the right side controller, you'll be able to handle over a dozen different special sidesteps. In addition, at any time you'll be able to check out which sidesteps are available to each player. As you beat levels and increase the number of coins at your disposal, you'll be able to unlock new content. Pick from new shirts, new hairstyles, new shoes and even new balls for each of your players. None of these accessories really improve their playing abilities, but that's not to say they don't look cool, and add a special flare to each match. SkillTwins Football is a unique soccer game. It's precise controls and entertaining gameplay make for non-stop fun. The game also includes the option to play in several different scenarios: a training camp, the beach, an urban cityscape and much more.

Android 4.0 or higher required.