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Winner Soccer Evo Elite is a 3D soccer game where you control all eleven players on your team, pass the ball, dribble the ball down the field, head for the goalpost and shoot the ball. So basically, it's the same principles underlying any other regular soccer game like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA for consoles and PCs. Control systems in Winner Soccer Evo Elite are good, although its response time is somewhat lagging. On the left of your screen, you'll find there is a virtual cross-pad to move your players around while on your right you’ll find action buttons for passing, dribbling and shooting. As usual, when you don’t have the ball, it’s those same buttons that allow you to gain ground and get the ball towards the goal. In Winner Soccer Evo Elite you can scrimmage against other national teams or opt to play full tournaments. You can pick between several levels of difficulty and of course create your own lineups of teams to balance out your team's best palyers. From there you can set up distinct formations, sub out other players and much more. Winner Soccer Evo Elite is a fairly good soccer game that has not only nice graphics but actually provides decently entertaining gameplay.