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Army of Darkness Defence is an action and strategy game that adds a new twist to the tried and tested 'tower defence' format. The player takes control of Ash, star of the Evil Dead films, and must protect the book of the dead. But of course, he can't do this alone. The game plays out on a 2D stage that takes the same form as always: the castle. Your goal is to repel the endless swarms of the dead that are trying to take the book. To protect it, you have a number of possibilities at your disposal. To begin with, you have more than a dozen different kinds of troop including archers, farmers, knights and paladins, who are all ready to fight side by side with Ash. Secondly, you have upgrades for Ash's weapons. So, while at first your chainsaw and shotgun will not do much damage, as you keep improving them, they will become true weapons of mass destruction. Army of Darkness Defence is a fun title that will not only appeal to fans of the movies (although they will certainly enjoy it more), but to any gamer who wants to spend a few fun filled hours.