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Conquerors Golden Age is a strategy and management-based game that challenges you to bring the Arab Caliphate back its splendor by turning into the most powerful sultan in history. To do so, you have to build the most magnificent city and recruit the best army possible. Gameplay in Conquerors Golden Age is really similar to that of other Android games in the genre. As you continue playing, you'll get more missions which will normally require you to build certain buildings, recruit certain troops or level up your castle. Although most of your time will be spent managing your city, you'll also have to face enemy armies. Luckily, besides recruiting troops in your barracks, you'll also have different heroes available to fight for your cause. These heroes will help you earn the victory, even during the most difficult battles. Conquerors Golden Age is a strategy game that doesn't really offer any uniqueness as far as the gameplay goes, but it does have a different approach to other similar games in the genre and offers a wonderful Arabic settings. The game's visuals are also truly awesome.

Android 4.0 or greater is required.