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Crazy Cooking Chef is a fun game of cooking and skill, in which you open high-end restaurants, create delicious dishes, and captivate your customers! You’ll get to cook all kinds of dishes and explore the world of gastronomy in this appetizing adventure. You’ll start off with a small hamburger restaurant and just enough equipment to cook one burger at a time, but as you win money and start making profits you can upgrade your kitchen to be able to cook many more dishes. But make sure to cook quickly, because the faster you serve customers the bigger tip you’ll get… and they won’t hesitate to leave if you take too long. Not only that, but the more you cook, the more experience you’ll get, and the more dishes you’ll be able to cook. So, once you reach a certain level, you can embark on a new adventure with new dishes! Give this fun game a try and upgrade your kitchen, decorate your restaurant, and create the perfect atmosphere for your customers to enjoy a delicious evening.