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If you like driving games and strategy, Does not Commute is, hands down, one of the best apps that combines the two. The creators of the critically acclaimed Smash Hit put you in the middle of a temporal paradox that you'll have to try your best to escape. Does not Commute takes place in a small town where you start out behind the wheel of a car. If you get to the highway, you're automatically placed in another type of vehicle and must try to get out of town, going through the same movements as the first time. After leaving the town the second time, you'll appear in a third car and will see your last two vehicles' past movements on the same map. This temporal overlap happens thirteen times, so you have to be careful how you drive and where you go, because there will come a time when you'll have to avoid all your past selves as you drive through the small town. Although avoiding yourself might seem like the biggest problem, the real challenge is getting to the highway in less than forty seconds. If you fail, then you have to start over and you might never get out of town.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher