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Gladiator Heroes Clash is a strategy game where you can take the lead in a camp of gladiators, who you have to train and guide to victory. To do this, you need to build tons buildings, manage different types of resources and, most importantly, control your gladiators during the combats. The gameplay in Gladiator Heroes Clash is divided into two very different parts. On one hand you have the view of your camp, where you can construct new buildings, improve the buildings you already have, recruit new gladiators, customize the look of each gladiator, etc. While on the other, you have the combats. During the combats, you can indirectly control your gladiators, choosing the types of skills you want them to use at every moment. Each time one of your gladiators levels up, you can choose a new skill. And these skills can mean the difference between victory and defeat in an even combat. Gladiator Heroes Clash is an incredibly entertaining strategy game that lets you customize your settlement and your gladiators. Best of all, it has excellent graphics and offers dozens of levels (with their respective battles) to enjoy.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher