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Godzilla Defense Force is a clicker where players have to defend Planet Earth from the attack of tons of giant monsters, many of them classics from TOHO films. Luckily you have the help not only of terrestrial forces but also of Godzilla and other monsters you capture along the way. The game system in Godzilla Defense Force is very simple. Basically it's a clicker where you've got to tap the screen quickly to take down all the monsters that appear. Plus every 10 waves, you've got to face off against giant monsters that are even harder to beat than the last ones. And if you defeat them, you can normally capture them. One of the most fun things about Godzilla Defense Force is undoubtedly capturing the monsters. You can get cards for several dozen different characters from more than 20 classic films. Plus once you have a monster card you can use it during the game to inflict greater damage on the enemy you're fighting against at that moment. Starting the game you just have to do battle in one scene: Tokyo. Nonetheless, as you defeat monsters and get money, you can turn to defending other big cities around the world, like London and Sydney. Like this you can free the world of the Kaijus, going city to city. Godzilla Defense Force is without question one of the most fun clickers to be found on Android. The reason is that it manages to turn a traditionally simple and repetitive gameplay into something much more fun, thanks to the possibility of using action cards, exploit the weak points of the Kaijus, or make final moves over the monsters.

Requires Android 6.0 or higher.