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King of Thieves is a platform game where players control a cute little thief whose aim is to get into all the world's dungeons to steal the treasure there. His only weapon: his agility. Gameplay in King of Thieves is very simple: your main character always moves in a straight line. To jump, you tap the screen. If you jump against a wall, you can jump again, springing in the opposite direction. This is only way to change direction as you move through each level. King of Thieves has 80 levels in the main game mode, where you have to demonstrate your ability to jump and dodge traps. That said, one of the most entertaining things about the game is the PvP mode (player vs. player). In this mode, players create their own dungeons that others can play in. The reward for beating another player's dungeon: part of their loot. King of Thieves is an original and fun platformer that incorporates innovative elements, such as the possibility to create your own levels. Also, the game has delightful graphics from the developers at Zeptolab (Cut the Rope).