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Mighty Battles is a strategy-based game, Clash Royale style, that challenges you to destroy the enemy’s base by using your elite troops. But it won’t be easy. Keep in mind that your enemies are also trying to destroy your base of operations in any way they can. Mighty Battles gives you a first-person perspective from behind a canon. Although you can shoot at your enemy troops and even their base with your canon, you still need your troops in order to cause some serious damage. To spread out your troops just click on their card and pick the 'lane' where you want to use them. Just like in Clash Royale and other similar games, your troops can level up as you start earning new cards. Leveling a unit up will improve its life points and the damage it can cause. Also, it can sometimes improve its speed and other special skills. Mighty Battles is a super fun strategic battle game that has outstanding visuals and a ton of different units. This exciting game lets you compete against players around the world in two to three minute battles.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher