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Revolve8 is a MOBA for smartphones that challenges you to participate in online rounds where your objective is to get rid of your rival by destroying their watchtowers. To do so, you'll have a deck of cards available to you to help you invoke your army on the battlefield. Rounds last three minutes, which should give you enough time to destroy the main tower and win (but there are two other defense towers that you can choose to destroy or not). Keep in mind that displaying the cards will have an energy cost but it'll replenish as each second flies by. Although its anime look permeates every corner of the game and provides it with great charisma, characters are clearly inspired by popular folklore. Little red riding hood, Cinderella, Sinbad the Sailor or Lilliputians are just some of the troops that you get to control. Revolve8 is a spectacular strategy-based game launched by SEGA in its efforts to wiggle themselves inside the complex world of competitive online strategy. The game also includes a single player story mode that challenges you to unlock each character's story beyond their participation in subsequent leagues. Revolve8 is definitely a game that's worth a chance.

Revolve8, the great MOBA from SEGA can now be played on Android SEGA is playing for keeps in the mobile world with Revolve8: Episodic Dueling, their real-time strategy game for Android that attempts to compete with giants in the genre like Clash Royale. To do this, they've drawn upon references from the sector to create a MOBA that has you face other players in 3-minute online matches. It follows the classic mechanics of destroying the rival tower and using cards to summon troops. The great graphics, along with an original one-player mode, make it a worthwhile title that's now available to play, despite only being released officially in certain geographic areas. [Updated (07/02/2018)] The game has officially been released globally for Android and includes Spanish as one of the language options. Read more

The top 10 Android games of the month [January 2019] New year, new list of top apps. Unlike what happens on traditional consoles, there's not really any particular time when more games are released for Android. Any time of the year is a good time to expect to see new games, even in January. And this month is no different, giving us a great selection of titles to choose from for our pick of the top 10 games released so far in 2019. Read more

The best games in soft-launch that you can play on Android in 2019 On Android it's typical for developers to take baby steps in the game release process, publishing new titles only in certain countries to test how they work before the global release. In most cases, the game itself doesn't have any type of geo-blocking beyond what the marketplace itself may apply. That's why it's perfectly possible to install these games in soft-launch using the APK file, without any geographic restrictions. Read on to find eight highly-anticipated titles for Android that you can play right now, even if they're not officially available where you live. Read more

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