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If you like strategy and PVP games, Smashing Four is a fun combo of both modes in which you've got to face rivals from around the world in heart-stopping matches. The gameplay in Smashing Four is simple as can be, and if you've ever played the classic bottlecaps, it'll be even simpler. What you've got to do is dispatch your characters straight toward your opponents, such that each hit takes a bit of life from them. You have to chip away bit by bit until you beat them. The game happens in turns, and every time you tap your bottlecap you'll see a line that indicates the direction it'll go when you lift your finger, and if you point at a rival it shows how much of his life you can take away. Make sure you aim carefully and think of a good strategy, because each player can do extra damage if they can make their own characters rebound off their opponent's. Your aim in Smashing Four is to win the match at all costs and to do it you've got to create your perfect team. Select your strongest characters and make them grow into proper heroes. Enjoy frenetic parties where each rebound is a surprise that can sink you or make you win the match at the last second. Get to number one in the world ranking and become the best strategist in Smashing Four.