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TripAdvisor is a tool that lets you plan any trip by selecting from a variety of different flights and hotels while taking advantage of the more than 100 million opinions and comments left by other travelers. With the TripAdvisor guide you can consult the prices of thousands of hotels around the world. And, even better, it gives you access to the comments, pictures, and reviews of other app users. Of course, once you've stayed at a hotel, you can also (as is recommended) leave your own review. On top of being able to look for hotels, TripAdvisor lets you compare airfares from different airlines. This helps you get the cheapest prices for traveling anywhere around the globe. Here, too, you can read about the experiences that other travelers have had with each different airline. TripAdvisor is a great help for anyone who wants to plan a good vacation. Its practical interface lets you filter by various criteria so you can find the hotel that's right for you in no time.