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Uber Lite is a pint-sized, official alternative to regular Uber (the ride-sharing app where you're taxied anywhere you want to go) that takes up much, much less space on your phone. In fact, Uber Lite weighs in at a mere 5MB, quite a bit less than the full 180MB Uber app. Uber Lite provides the same features as its original, but has streamlined the whole process into four simple steps. Follow them one by one, and in no time you'll have a driver waiting to pick you up wherever you are. Plus, it's designed to be used on all sorts of networks including slower 2G connections. The only thing you might notice is missing is the real-time location map that tells you exactly where your driver is -- provided in regular Uber. But in Uber Light you still get real-time updates on your estimated pick up time and a full receipt with the cost of your ride. Overall in Uber Lite, the full Uber experience is compressed into a simple app that runs on any device and almost any network. You still get all the main features you might expect including the option to send trip updates to your friends and family, so they know when to expect your arrival. Uber Lite is basically just a redesign for Uber users who are in an area with low coverage.